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How one startup is removing friction (and paper) from the healthcare experience

  • Podcast
  • 30 Min Listen
OX Digital Health’s “healthcare as a service” model addresses longstanding pain points in healthcare administration, helping providers to reduce inefficiencies and deliver better care to patients.

Digital document workflows to grow and energize your business

  • Webcast
  • 30 Min Watch Time
As hybrid work models take shape, all-digital processes can keep people productive and protected.

Sign here for digital transformation: Modernizing government workflows

  • Whitepaper
  • 6 Min Read
What is the future of government documents in a hybrid world? There’s a big opportunity for positive change—and cost reduction.

Tapping into advanced workflows to grow and energize your business

  • Report
  • 6 Min Read
Digital-first workflows are more critical than ever to both customer and employee experience. What's the next step in what's becoming an increasingly paperless world?

Business transformation and the future of the workplace

  • Video
  • 10 Min Watch Time
How have organizations leaned into digital transformation technologies to improve their workflows and processes, paving the way for hybrid work models and use of more complex documents?

Digital documents – a business necessity

  • Report
  • 6 Min Read
Why digital docs are no longer just best practice, but crucial, for safeguarding resilience and improving processes.

The year of the paperless office … finally!

  • Article
  • 4 Min Read
We’re getting closer, at least, but digitizing documents is just one piece of a larger transformation that requires optimized, end-to-end workflows in support of digital-first experiences.