As organizations accelerate and expand their digital transformation initiatives, they’ve discovered that traditional work models simply aren’t nimble or adaptive enough to keep pace. Welcome to the “new work,” which represents a fundamental shift in the workplace to enable new skills and worker experiences, embrace human-machine collaboration, and support an intelligent and dynamic environment that’s unbounded by time or physical space.

In this episode of The New Work podcast, hosted by Martin Veitch, guests Toni Vanwinkle, vice president of Digital Employee Experience at Adobe, and Nicole Herskowitz, vice president for Microsoft Teams and the M365 Platform at Microsoft, discuss changing work models and how IT organizations must evolve to support these shifts.

“Work has fundamentally changed. We’re not the same people who were sent home when the pandemic started,” said Herskowitz. “Employees want flexibility in where, when, and how they work.”

It’s time for leadership teams to lean into that flexibility, Vanwinkle said, to create a more equitable work experience so that “all the voices in the room are heard.”

In this episode, you’ll learn about:

  • The rise of employee experience on the CIO’s list of priorities
  • The importance of human-centered design in IT strategy to reduce friction and unlock “human brilliance”
  • How “office” technology needs to evolve to support more flexible work environments
  • The need to rebuild social capital in a hybrid workplace.

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