The future of digital documents and e-signatures



This insightful White Paper produced by IDG and Adobe highlights the future of digital documents and e-signatures, while taking a close look at the most significant impediments to total digital adoption. Few organizations have fully moved to automated digital document workflows needed to deliver end-to-end visibility. In fact, in a recent IDG/Adobe study it was found that the current state of document processes has a substantial impact on customer and employee experiences, with 60% of respondents saying it’s a problem for customer experiences, and 66% reporting issues for employees. Read on to learn how business process automation—with a focus on documents—can deliver the key benefits of efficiency and productivity.

You can also view this webcast: The way we work is changing at a breathtaking speed, and innovations to workflow are no exception.Today, teams need easy-to-use, integrated tools that make day-to-day collaboration, communication, document management, approval and e-signature processes fast and intuitive. Listen in as Adobe and Microsoft discuss key questions teams are wrestling with today:

  • What has and hasn’t changed when it comes to workforce productivity?
  • How can technology, culture, and people come together to put organizations at the cutting edge of change?
  • What are the best practices of digital industry leaders when it comes to automating workflow?
  • Which specific workflow areas should teams focus on to see the biggest impact?