Getting to digital—what it takes to accelerate the digitization of business processes



While the pandemic accelerated many digital transformation projects, there are still some organizations who have yet to master the digital document and electronic signature workflow process. There appears to be a reluctance to transition to fully digital automation and many remain constrained by paperbound processes and archaic workflows that continue to defy the push to digitization.

A recent IDG/Adobe survey reveals that just 8% have fully digitized document and signature journeys and this reliance on legacy paper-based processes results in multiple challenges and significant delays. Almost all of those surveyed indicated they experienced multiple challenges during the pandemic due to the lack of fully digital signature and document workflows. The continued reliance on paper-based signature and document workflows almost certainly will complicate efforts to formalize and expand hybrid work structures in the wake of the pandemic.

As workforces prepare to enter a hybrid world, this white paper explores intriguing findings from the global research, including:

  • How organizations are adjusting to hybrid workplaces
  • Disconnects with customer and employee experiences
  • Why manual steps persist despite vast adoption of digital solutions
  • How to progress toward paperless processes

Download this insightful white paper to discover how to effectively manage workflows across the workforce, partners, customers, and suppliers.