Transition to digital documents delivers robust range of benefits for higher education



The pandemic demanded that higher education make radical changes to how the teaching and support documents each student and faculty needed were delivered. In addition, as the workplace saw a shift to remote working, education providers also had to move to digital environments to support their students and staff.

Unlike the working environment within many businesses, higher education establishments have a unique set of requirements to deliver documents and other materials that may need permissions or approvals – often linked to the digital identity of the recipients. However, a recent survey by IDG and Adobe revealed a stark under-use of digital document workflows, with just 8% of respondents stating they had a fully digital signing and document workflow across their enterprises.

To help educators continue to accommodate students in this new normal, explore this white paper for key findings, including:

  • Adoption rates of digital documents and e-signatures in higher education
  • The importance of implementing a paperless document management strategy
  • What post-paper transformation looks like for educators

Download this insightful white paper to discover how Adobe Acrobat Sign and document management tools could transform how your educational institution approaches your transition from paper to digital assets.